For years, the Cherokee has been a popular SUV for outdoor adventure fans. If you have been researching the Cherokee, you may be wondering about its size. To help you understand how big the Cherokee is, Santa Monica Chrysler Dodge and Ram listed the size of all currently available Jeep models.


The Renegade is the smallest vehicle offered by Jeep. The Renegade has an overall length of 167 inches. The width comes in at 74 inches with a total height of 67 inches. This puts the Renegade in the compact SUV category.


The Compass is a little longer than the Renegade with an overall length of 173 inches. However, the width is the same at 74 inches. Also, the height of the Compass is lower than the Renegade at 65 inches.


The Wrangler comes in several body configurations. Therefore, you will find a wide variety of lengths depending on which Wrangler that you choose. The length of the Wrangler can vary from 167 to 188 inches. That puts the Wrangler in both the small and mid-size SUV category. On all Wrangler models, the width is rated at 74 inches and the height is also rated at 74 inches.


The Cherokee has an overall length of 182 inches. That means that the Cherokee can be either longer or shorter than the Wrangler. The width is rated at 73 to 75 inches. Finally, the height can range from 66 to 68 inches. This makes the Cherokee a small SUV.

Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is longer than the Cherokee with an overall length of 189 to 191 inches. The width of the Grand Cherokee is fixed at 77 inches. Finally, the Grand Cherokee can vary in height from 68 to 69 inches.


The Jeep Gladiator is a pick-up truck with a single length of 218 inches. The width of the Gladiator is rated at 74 inches. The height can vary from 75 to 76 inches. The Gladiator is a full-size pickup truck.

You can take a test drive of a brand-new Jeep Cherokee at Santa Monica Chrysler Dodge and Ram in Beverly Hills. This dealership has many Jeep Cherokee models currently available.

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