2018 Dodge Challenger Gives You the Joy of Adaptive Cruise Control


Here at Santa Monica Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, drivers who take a look at our sporty vehicles like the 2018 Dodge Challenger know that one positive about driving it is the fact that it offers you loads of fun with plenty of horsepower and a muscle car pedigree. For those of us who take it out on a cruise and want to go at a set speed, it even has adaptive cruise control to help you with that. But, how does it work? We're here to explain.

Using standard cruise control, you turn on the system and an indicator light appears to let you know it's active. You drive to your desired speed, then press the set plus or minus button to keep that speed and take your foot off the accelerator. To disengage or adjust you use the plus and minus buttons or press the brakes, or the "RES" button.

Adaptive cruise control is different. It takes many of those same features and setup, but adds in the element of being able to keep your distance between vehicles. You also control this on the steering wheel controls, and when activated the cruise control will slow down if a vehicle is closer than the desired range and accelerate back up to speed when it has passed, allowing you to not have to adjust at different times, which is especially handy in traffic because we all know a thing or two about that here in Los Angeles, stretching out to West Hollywood, El Segundo, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Ray, and Santa Monica.

To learn more and see the 2018 Dodge Challenger up close, stop in and see us today and we'd be happy to answer any questions and arrange a test drive.

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